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Student Sneeze Guard

Introducing the Student Sneeze Guard aka the SSG. The SSG is completely customizable to suit your school's needs. The SSG is a well built, SAFE sneeze guard with students of all ages in mind. 20 gauge, fire retardant vinyl is thick enough to withstand the school year, and clear enough to allow students to interact as they did before Covid-19. 

Standard 4 way standalone divider:

    Stands on its own legs, no clamps or mounting hardware needed

    Allows 4 desks to be pushed together around it 

    Fits desks that are 25" to 29" high

    Has a minimum of 24" guard height ABOVE table top

    Unlike most Sneeze guards on the market, this guard has 12" PAST the edge of the desk. This protects students to either side.

 Tabletop 4 way divider:

   This divider has custom made brackets that attach to a tabletop (no drilling or cutting required on the table/ desk)

   Allows 4 students to sit at table

   STURDY. This divider will not be knocked off desk or damaged by students.

   Fits 30"x60" & 30"x72" tables, with over 24" of guard above tabletop.

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