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Prototype for Alternative Jetski Transportation

A recent project here at Abe-Tec featured water sports! The idea for this project was to allow a cost efficient way for folks to transport their favorite water toy (a jetski, of course) along with an additional trailer. This would open up many options for people who are camping- they could simply put the jetski in their truck bed while still being able to utilize hauling a pull behind camper. While you could possibly fit a jetski in a toy hauler camper, your camper would also smell of lake and gas fumes (and they're more expensive.)

This particular jetski bed hauler was built as an alternative to the owner having to buy a combination trailer, a trailer that would fit their speedboat AND the jetski. That is a very expensive route, so before this was designed the owner had to take two different vehicles, one for their boat and one for their jetski.

The first obstacle to overcome was how do we secure the mounting system in the truck bed? Since this project was designed to be a low cost alternative we didn't want it to require anything but the mounting system itself- so we utilized the fifth wheel brackets that were already in the customers truck bed. This gives our custom jet ski mounting system a solid base, and fifth wheel brackets are easily attainable for customers and are a tried and true way to haul.

It is made with custom machined brackets and custom bent dom tubing.

Email us at for custom prototyping of any kind!!

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